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Abortion Online provides safe, compassionate and professional medical abortion services to women who can't easily access an abortion clinic, in the privacy of their own home

Tele-abortion is the delivery of abortion care via online consultation, for Australian women seeking medical termination of an early intrauterine pregnancy

Early pregnancy
Under 9 weeks

When you take the medications, your pregnancy must be under 9 weeks (or 63 days) from your last menstrual period

Are you suitable? This
is not for everyone!

There are several critical safety issues and it is important that you meet the criteria to ensure a safe tele-abortion procedure.

What is

Tele-abortion is the same as medical abortion, but no clinic visit is required. Your consultations will be conducted online.

About the medication
& the procedure

If you are considering a tele-abortion, it is important that you understand how it works and what to expect.

Pregnancy (gestation) Calculator

0 Weeks, 0 Days (0 Total Days)

Select the date of the first day of your last menstrual period

Note: this calculation is only indicative of your pregnancy gestation, but will give us a good idea of where you are at right now, and help to guide some of our initial decisions and options.

If you don't have regular periods or you're not sure about your menstrual cycle, you will need to have a dating ultra-sound before we can determine your gestation.

Pregnancy Calculator
TeleAbortion at Clinic 66 for Gynaecare.

Medical Abortion by tele-health is a safe, effective, accessible and convenient alternative for early, intrauterine pregnancy termination  -  but it is not the easiest or most cost effective option.

If you can get to our Clinic in Chatswood, you will still complete the medical abortion at home, but it will be quicker, easier and cheaper than a tele-abortion. 


This is because if you attend the clinic, we can do the scan, blood tests and dispense the medication on the same day, and some medicare rebates do apply.


If you have a tele-abortion, you will need to organise the tests and medication yourself, and unfortunately no medicare rebates are available for our consultations. 

You must be under 9 weeks pregnant at the time of your medical abortion

(ie, under 63 days)

If you live in South Australia, unfortunately we can't help you, because Teleabortion is illegal in your state.

You must be within 2hrs of a hospital. Although complications are rare, we do need to be prepared.

If you live in Western Australia, you will require a referral from your GP. Contact us and we'll give you the details you need.

It is important that you tell someone you trust about what you are doing - just in case you need assistance.

If you live outside of Australia, you are under 16 yrs of age or you dont read English fluently, then you need to see a local provider face to face.

These are very important safety issues. We are committed to providing you with the best possible care and if you don't meet these criteria, we won't be able take care of you properly.

A few important things to note!!

A medical abortion may not be possible or might not be a good option for you if:


  • you are pregnant and might wish to continue with your pregnancy

  • your pregnancy is assessed as being more than 63 days gestation

  • you have a known or suspected ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy outside of the womb)

  • you have a known or suspected bleeding disorder

  • you are taking blood thinning medications (anticoagulants)

  • you are regularly taking steroid treatment for arthritis or asthma or any other illness that requires steroid medicines

  • your adrenal glands do not work very well

  • you have a known allergy to prostaglandins medication

  • you have an intrauterine contraceptive (IUD) still in the womb

  • you have an infection in the womb or fallopian tubes

  • you are already quite anaemic

  • you are NOT prepared to have a surgical procedure if needed 

Why do we offer this service?

There is international evidence to support the safety and effectiveness of teleabortion.

The Tabbot Foundation were the first providers of the tele-abortion service in Australia  and when the Tabbot Foundation closed down recently, we felt we had to provide this service to fill the gap.


We decided to step up and assist women in Australia, who wish to undergo medical termination of pregnancy via telehealth. However, we receive no funding to provide this service. 


Unfortunately there is no Medicare rebate or insurance rebate for tele-abortion so the fees that you pay are not claimable or refundable.

Keep abortion safe and legal.jpg

Access to safe and effective abortion services in Australia is highly variable. This inequality is unfair and un-Australian. We feel strongly that it is every woman's right to access safe and effective abortion care.

We also offer face to face consultations and service provision for abortion care (both Medical and Surgical) at Clinic 66 in Sydney, but for women who live too far away or who are unable to access our services face to face, we are pleased to be able to offer the tele-abortion option.

Reading with Coffee

What about privacy?


We take every step necessary in order to provide privacy and discretion for our service.  However telephones and video consultations are liable to hacking as with many other aspects of modern Life.


We use a secure payment gateway and offer Paypal payment options.


Like all responsible medical facilities, Clinic 66 rigorously protects your medical information, which is held on secure servers both online and offline.

See our Privacy Policy >

Unplanned pregnancy = a difficult decision

We 100% support your choice & are here to Help!

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