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Our Accreditation & Why it Matters

Abortion Online is an initiative of Clinic 66, and we are 100% committed to delivering healthcare of the highest possible quality, both online and in our clinic.


In health care, as with many other professional services, we demonstrate the safety and quality of the services we provide by undergoing rigorous accreditation processes with the respected industry bodies who measure and rate our service delivery and processes according to predefined standards.

We are proud to be accredited with:

clinic 66 nsqhs-logo 250.png

Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare as a Day Surgery (the national standards)


Royal Australian College of General practitioners as a General Practice and Extended skills training post

HDDA logo.jpg

HDAA as a Diagnostic Imaging Provider for the provision of gynaecological and early pregnancy ultrasounds

For more information about our Accreditation, please visit our Clinic 66 site >>>

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